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Consulting with Your Doctor

  1. During your consultation, Mr Patel will discuss different available options for your medical condition and also discuss the perceived risk and benefits of your operation.  Routine tests, such as blood tests, scans and X-rays, are usually performed as required.

  2. Discuss any medications you are taking with Mr Patel and/or your family GP (General Practitioner)  to see which ones you should stop taking before surgery.

  3. If you are taking aspirin or anti-coagulant medications eg: warfarin or any drugs that increase the risk of bleeding then please inform Mr Patel during your consultation.

  4. If you smoke, you should stop or cut down to reduce your surgery risks and improve your recovery.

  5. Eat a well-balanced diet.

  6. Report any new symptoms of flu or chest infection to your doctor before your operation.
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